INTRODUCING: A profound and simple book to relieve your Leg & back Pains
"How to walk Correctly"
by Jacob Caldwell, LMP
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"How to walk correctly"
Empowering yourself to Resolve Low Back Pain, Shin Splints, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis,
Falling Arches, Knee Pain, Scoliosis and any other leg issues.

This guide on "How to Walk Correctly" is for people who want to be responsible for their own healing. This step by step process of walking correctly will help you alleviate your own leg issues. This is one of the ways to never have to be in a wheel chair or the need to wear orthotics. Walking Correctly will help your overall posture and many of your leg, back, and neck chronic issues may be able to lessen or disappear.
Jacob Caldwell is a Massage Therapist in Seattle who will assist you in empowering you to heal yourself. He has been in practice since 2002. He is passionate about helping people see that you can alleviate your own symptoms by just Walking Correctly.

Everyone will get an eBook of "How to Walk Correctly" and people will have the option of also getting the paperback version on
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